Public transport links communities together, reduces congestion and helps to control carbon emissions. For these reasons People Before Profit propose a transport revolution. We would increase the bus fleet and then make all journeys on public transport free in a bid to reduce Ireland’s carbon footprint. We would also increase capacity in the public system including the Western rail corridor, create world class cycling infrastructure and democratise the planning process so that commuters feed into a sustainable transport system for the 21st century.


PBP would set up a state construction company to build social and affordable housing and work with local authorities to oversee the retrofitting of older buildings. Unlike market based mechanisms – such as carbon taxes – we would use state funds to cover the initial cost of energy saving retro-fitting and then claim the money back from savings flowing directly from the retrofit. This method supports the public by creating the infrastructure needed to have more energy efficient homes, making it viable to have passive energy efficiency in all homes in the next decade. PBP would take all waste services back into local authorities to stop fly tipping and illegal dumping. We also oppose single use plastics to protect birds and our seas.


Any serious strategy will have to take on the power of the oil and gas corporations. We would nationalise the state’s existing oil and gas reserves so that the revenue coming in could be used for a radical shift to renewable energy. We would also tax the profits of oil and gas companies operating in the state and reinforce the ban all forms of fracking and shale gas extraction. We also need environmental protection and sustainable energy associations that do not rely on any funding from the fossil fuel industry.