Environmental Jobs And Energy Generation

Ireland’s geography makes it an ideal candidate for wind and wave energy. Research by the ESRI has outlined that investment in wind energy capacity of 4000 megawatts would create between 17,000 and 36,000 jobs.28 This shows the real potential for a government willing to invest in future generations. With the right vision the Irish state could facilitate a transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy. In Budget 2019, People Before Profit ring-fenced €250 million to create 5,000 renewable energy jobs as part of a five year investment programme. We also earmarked €250 million to invest in renewable energy projects, €400 million on updating our water infrastructure and €100 million towards reforestation. Ireland currently has only 11% forest cover but this could be pushed to 25% with the right investment over the coming decade. We would also democratise the energy grid as a spur to community and micro-energy generation projects that focus on renewables.

People Before Profit Climate Emergency Bill

“When making a decision on an application for a license, undertaking or lease… the Minister shall have regard to national and global climate and environmental conditions, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Minister shall have regard to— (a) the annual average global temperature, including annual rates of change thereof, (b) the monthly mean level of atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory, (c) the national transition objective, (d) an approved national mitigation plan, and (e) any national adaptation framework. (2) The Minister shall not grant a license, undertaking or lease under this Part, if on the date of the application for the license, undertaking or lease, the monthly mean level of atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at Mauna Loa Observatory exceeds 350 parts per million.”

People Before Profit would make all journeys on public transport free to the user.