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Put A Working Class Fighter Into The Dail
We are being ripped off by high rents, creche fees, car insurance costs, expensive bus fares. My generation may never get to own a house because you cannot save when you pay high rents. Our country is being run by two landlord parties, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail. I am standing to get them out. We need more working class voices in the Dail.

Anger over removal of bus service in Lucan

There is anger among local residents in the Dodsborough and Hillcrest area of Lucan about the loss of bus services under the updated BusConnects...

National Childcare Scheme doesn’t go far enough

People Before Profit Dublin Mid-West by-election candidate Kellie Sweeney has said that the new National Childcare scheme “does not go far enough” and “will not reduce...

The Disaster That Is Irish Water: Return Us To Ballymore Eustace

Boil notices for water have just ended for for the second time, over 600,00 people in Dublin. But it is already clear that similar...

O’Devaney Gardens- Sell Out On Public Land

Councilors from Fianna Fail, Green Party, Labour and Social Democrats have agreed to give land at O Devaney Gardens to Bartra Capital. O Devaney Gardens...

Democracy Under Attack: Now They Are Banning New Laws

Democracy is under attack in Ireland, as the bizarre goings on in the Dáil this week reveal. Over the past year TDs have voted...

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I want to run a campaign that challenges the interests of the corporations and the rich in Ireland. Neither People Before Profit nor I accept donations from the wealthy instead we rely on working people who share our vision.

If you want to see a working-class fighter elected, someone to stand for the people and planet – not for the big corporations, then please consider donating to my campaign.

Whether you can contribute €5, €10, €20 or €50 your donations will help us fund our videos, leaflets, posters and website to build a campaign that’s puts People Before Profit!

There are other ways you can help our campaign including so please get in touch with our team and together we can put socialist politics on the agenda!